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Suniqon is your rooftop solar cell supplier.

Norway's future-proof solar provider

Do you want a safe and reliable rooftop solar battery system that is also the market leader in terms of efficiency and technology?

Then you should choose Suniqon as your supplier.

These are the things we care about - our customers receive not a system based on yesterday's technology, but a market leading product that delivers maximum power production to your roof.

Our office address

Hornelandsvegen 192, STORD 5412, NORWAY

Headquartered in Stord, Westland, but we have a national network of dealers and our team of competent fitters across the country who ensure installations are efficient and safe.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is the solution to address climate issues and increase electricity production in the country. Unfortunately, the consequences of natural intervention in the form of regulating rivers and tall wind turbines are often large. By generating electricity from solar cells on our roofs, we can create renewable energy without these negative impacts. This is good for you, significantly reduces electricity costs, and good for the state of Norway.

This is what we call a win-win situation

Shopping with us should be safe, which is why we offer our customers a 10-year installation guarantee on the entire system. That's twice the industry standard.

Safety and Quality

With a 10-year warranty, it is safe to order solar panels for roofs from Suniqon.

Delivery guarantee

Suniqon offers a delivery guarantee for solar panels, fast delivery at the agreed time.

Assembly service

Our assemblers have received special training on our products through our own academy.


Tel: (+47) 90 28 08 00

Hornelandsvegen 192, Stord 5412, NORWAY

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